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#2togo Per-Facing the first official test in this program

alhamdulillah this is the beginning of the third month.

I am happy, because not merely because the test will be in front of me immediately, but it also mean that the coming back time is nearly happen. :)

I got the announcement of the schedule this day.

I will have the written test on Saturday 25 November 2017 and the speaking test will be held on Sunday at 10.

Insya ALlah, i will do my best. Pray for me yach.

#Really miss you Honey and Aqsho..
#sometimes, some parts of my soul have already flied to Padang.
#But of course i have to finish this first.

Oya i plan to extend my study time until Isya.
And now is the first move of it. After a simulation with my study buddy, i went to the library and have a self study.


# 20togo Time fly SO fast.

We dont know exactly what will happen tomorrow or even We cannot predict for the next second of our Life .

Therefore, We have to use the time wisely .
Although Some people argue that life is only once, it should be spent worthfully .

And here, l am trying to deal with time so that l can make it useful .

#21togo Relax, Focus and Fly to the Top


in my opinion, neither the time , which is argued as the main factor that the students should pay attention for, nor the psychological pressure will let the result of the test decrease. Yet, it is the belief that will make it exist.

Thus, in order to avoid that circumstance to be happened, we ought to put the spirit up in our mind.

The spirit will guarantee that our effort will lead to success and we can pursue what we intended to.

Insya Allah.

And of course, managing the time and  relax will influence us in achieving it.

A word named Rindu

One of the most beautiful parts of loving someone special is the "Rindu"

No matter how much I push my self to agree on what I wrote in another blog several days ago, I still remain unsure about this feeling. Yup "Rindu".
I stated that 1 to 2 days of gathering could give me power for 2 following months. oh came on, That is just a placebo.

The point is not about the melancholic things, yes indeed in some parts, but for me it reflects one eternal truth about my life. That I couldn't stand alone. I need these people around me. Very near to me that I can hug them whenever I want, that I can be with them whatever my condition is. That I can hear their voices, that I can support them with all of mine.

Yet, in the reality, this may differ due to many reasons. Like what I have experienced now. Being apart for three months for improving my IELTS skills. Until now, this is the very long separation phase of me and the family. (it still about 2 months remaining).

I just wondering about the next journey. How it will be?
This IELTS things will relate to my PhD plan. I insists to go abroad for continuing my study, insya Allah. I have already searched some possible destination and predicted the preparation process which I need to focus on. Even, I created some thought calculation in my mind about the financial, the time, the scenario... But all of it still seems fussy for me. On the one hand, when the warrior side of me are arise, I will let those things as a trigger to increase my efforts. On the other hand, when the weak opposition of me took over my mind, it seems that the journey are too long and more likely to be impossible. Yeah.. it is normal right, the feeling of up and down.

Not only do the selection to get a scholarship is hard, but also the other linked things of it are amusing.

However, thanks that I have God and believe in HIM, as usual. And its a relief that my special one is also a person who really believes on the power of God. Therefore, my job now is making this sacrifice, the separation, valuable. Studying hard, getting  a high score, applying for the scholarships, improving the research proposal and relating stuffs, searching for the universities, finishing the tasks for both the official and the unofficial and of course praying even harder. 

I like the sentences below:

"You only need to try hard and to give your best, and Let HE Finishes in HIS Way. Everything has already written in the Lauh Mahfudz. You don't need to worry that much. As long as you fulfill the reason to win, then the result will not cheat the process."

Insya Allah, everything will be OK


Miss you Aom, Miss you Aqsha...
I love you All.

Dear Aom, let us give our best yach.. Insya Allah we will pursue our PhD abroad.. together.

almost give up....

almost give up, since the activity and the work came hugely one by one... :D

But finally based on this condition, we can realize that we really need a help to organize everything. And our lovely mom appear beautifully for solving the condition. Thanks Mom.

Its a kind of an arrogant side of me. :)

And a beautiful week come after,

But of course there are still a lot of work to do, as Now.

The extended deadline of submitting ICOMSET article.. fiuh.


#however, i should attend a student's proposal defense, and supervise one student who already made an appointment with me, and this noon there will be a meeting with the chairmen.

#so,,,, when i have time to write this article.....

Just enjoy it. Jho.

My #Aqsha First Flight


Tuesday 8 August 2017 with sriwijaya air sj020 from BIM to Kuala Namu Medan.

In the beginning, he really enthusiast, but then, his little boy instinct come up and its rise up when the plan landing process. Yeah.. it due to his ear or his degup jantung yang meningkat.

:) :)

overall we can finish it.

And then we took grab to get the online taxi and go to airy syariah medan sunggal

#Ready for tomorrow insya Allah

#BUDI LN seleksi berkas udah keluar pengumumannya. Alhamdulillah belum lulus.
Mesti semangat lagi belajar,



Memorandum of Understanding.

Today in my institution, we held an event to give our warm great for our guest from Pakuan University Bogor.

Really interesting.

And at one point it also produce a negative feeling a little bit for some of us.. Hehe..

But yeah...

We only need to proof that we also can contribute as one of the elements in this lovely institution :).